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Twitter has already become a cult phenomenon in modern society. In this way, people can share their thoughts.

Twitter accounts serve a variety of purposes. These can be personal accounts and corporate, professional and entertainment. Someone is promoting their blog in this way, but for someone it is an opportunity for self-realization. Twitter allows people to just get the news at a glance, it doesn't change the essence. How to behave in this service? There are unwritten rules, some of which are myths. First of all, it would be a mistake to consider working with Twitter as a waste of time. However, compliance with fictitious rules may indeed fall short of expectations, taking a priceless watch. Therefore, it is worth considering the main myths about Twitter.

Anyone who makes you a follower should follow in return. Newbies think this is the way to go. This seems to be a kind of polite move, like adding a friend on Facebook. However, this is not the case when the relationship should be reciprocal. It's even illogical for Twitter. After all, this service is designed to connect a person with those topics and people that are interesting to him. If we follow someone's life, it is because we want to know more about it through tweets, and not because we are following some far-fetched social rule. We are being followed because our opinion is interesting. However, will it be interesting for us to read the thoughts of an absolutely stranger with his other people's interests?

If you follow someone, and he does not follow you for a long time, you should refuse to follow. And again in this myth there are echoes of popular social networks - Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook. On Twitter, as already mentioned, things are very different. If someone does not follow you, then this does not mean anything. This does not affect any links you view, tweets or retweets. This only affects the number of followers. There is no point in talking about reciprocity on Twitter, it's a different form of communication. Just imagine if a popular person, for example, Dmitry Medvedev, would follow everyone in return as a token of gratitude, then his feed would be so active that it simply could not be considered. Therefore, do not be upset if you are not foul in return. Just write interesting tweets, retweet the most interesting and increase your rating. Then followers will undoubtedly come for you, not just as a token of gratitude, but because of an interesting account.

The more followers, the more influence. Such a statement is a myth, the number itself does not mean anything. There is an effect if the followers are active, lively and interesting people, but what to do if the majority of the followers are dead? In this case, there is simply no communication. That is why you can buy a hundred followers for only 10 cents, it's just a fake. It clogs the system, gives pride to the user, and nothing else. There is such a service as Klout. Thanks to him, you can check how many really active users are. However, even here everything is relative, someone feels influential among hundreds of their active followers.

All followers read me. Sadly, this is not true. And it is very rare when a tweet is added to favorites or forwarded on. Alas, few will hear what you said. Twitter does not convey ideas to everyone, but only to a few. So if some followers read you tweets and retweet your messages, then you should already be happy. It is believed that the average retweet rate is less than half a percent of total followers. And it's easy to check it yourself - a high-quality and interesting tweet! However, you should not think about it, and there is simply no time. After all, life is fast. You just have to write quality tweets, post interesting links, and leave smart comments. Then you will certainly be noticed.

A tweet is essentially the same as a Facebook status update. This opinion is due to the fact that many Twitter users were originally also customers of Facebook. As a result, there is a whole epidemic of tweets-statuses: "I am at the airport", "I have sushi" and so on. In fact, tweets are meant to share a piece of news or a link with strangers. It is important in this case, not who you are and in what status, but the information itself about the event. And updating the status on Facebook is the transfer of information about yourself to your friends, maintaining relationships. The fundamental difference between services is that a tweet must be bright in order to attract attention. And on Facebook, many friends in any case are interested in you and the status update.

Twitter is a social service. Microblogging was originally introduced to the Internet public as a social service. It was designed for people to communicate with each other, as well as for the user to quickly notify their followers about their own actions and events around them. This is how Twitter developed overseas. In our environment, the service became popular during the period of rapid growth of social media marketing, when everything related to social, immediately aroused increased interest. As a result, from its very appearance on the Runet, Twitter has become a kind of marketing tool, to a greater extent than a social service. There are not so many users registered in the domestic segment of Twitter, mainly web developers, bloggers, SEOs and social marketers. On Twitter, they are not so much talking with each other and looking for interesting people, but promoting themselves, their blogs, developments and clients. As a result, every new user who gets to Twitter and does not belong to this environment falls under powerful informational pressure from brands, news and bloggers. It's hard to find friends exclusively for communication with us. So Runet has deprived the service of its social orientation. So, Twitter should be perceived as a marketing tool, and not as a social service. If you are a simple person, then it will be difficult to find yourself there.

Mass following is bad. But no one has yet come up with another way to gain a large number of followers and attract popular people to their posts. Naturally, if the tweet is stupid and the account is inactive, then mass following will not save the day. And in order to attract the attention of really popular users who have what content to show, you need to follow not everyone in a row and automatically, but manually and only those who might be interested in you.

Thanks to interesting tweets, you can become popular in this service. In fact, popularity on Twitter is often directly related to popularity outside of it. A certain famous person, having got into Twitter, will instantly be followed by ordinary people, regardless of what he writes. But it will be difficult for a mere mortal who writes interesting deep posts to earn such popularity. So, in pursuit of popularity, it is worth not only writing and using mass following interestingly, but also raising your own image outside the service.

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