Postpartum swaddling

Postpartum swaddling

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After giving birth, women are looking for the fastest way to recover. They wrapped their mothers in wet cloth, put them on the stove, and in the morning they got up already refreshed.

The obedience of women in labor gave the name to the specialists. I fell in love with this procedure, but it was also overgrown with numerous myths, which we will debunk.

Anyone can do postpartum swaddling. In fact, this procedure will require knowledge of physiology, anatomy, the ability to do massage, the basics of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Labor and knowledge are hidden behind a seemingly simple procedure. If an amateur tries to do the postpartum swaddling, it will be just a SPA procedure, and nothing more.

This procedure is a real magic. If a woman expects miracles from such a swaddling, then one should turn not to obstetricians, but to magicians. This procedure does not give results from scratch, it works with the body's reserves. Many moms dream that swaddling will allow them to lose a few kilograms, narrow their waist, make their belly flat and their skin less flabby. Everyone wants such miracles, but only 1-2 kilograms of weight are lost, and even then due to the liquid. If, after the procedure, you eat a good meal, you may not see the desired effect at all. Yes, you can lose a couple of centimeters in your waist, hips and stomach. But don't expect to get into pre-pregnant pants after swaddling. You can't get rid of extra pounds (sometimes a dozen) so quickly. It all depends on the woman herself. Swaddling will allow you to tighten your saggy tummy and reduce diastasis. Of course, sometimes women reasonably object that this will happen anyway. But recovery processes after childbirth sometimes take months and years. And postpartum swaddling will allow you to return to their former forms much faster.

This procedure has an esoteric basis. How swaddling works as a postpartum recovery procedure is based solely on physiology. Everything here is basically clear, there is no magical background. The body warms up by starting sweating processes. Together with sweat, the hormone relaxin is actively excreted. It is he who, during pregnancy, causes relaxation of the ligaments of the pubic articulation of the pelvic bones. This allows the pelvis to expand, facilitating the normal course of labor. Relaxin not only affects the ligaments in the pelvis, but also relaxes other muscles and ligaments. This is what specialists use - after relaxing the muscles and resting them, you need to wait for the hormone to withdraw, then tighten the body as tightly as possible to fix the result.

Swaddling is essentially an accelerated recovery. If you prepare the body in a special way, you can make the body very pliable and remove distortions in it. You can even align a crooked pelvis, weaken the deflections in the spine. Without swaddling, this did not happen by itself. Exercise can help, but the postpartum period is a challenging time for a woman. During this period, physical activity is not recommended. Swaddling, which is a medical procedure, comes to the rescue. It is well known that not everyone needs treatment. So you shouldn't swaddle everyone. If a woman is not sure that she needs it, do not follow the fashion or example of a friend.

Thanks to the swaddling, all organs will fall into place. It's worth knowing that swaddling is just one of the postpartum restorative procedures. But it is possible to expect that the work of the genitourinary organs will improve, urinary incontinence will go away, it is possible only in conjunction with the correct behavior throughout the entire postpartum period. In the first days, it is necessary to observe bed rest, tie up the stomach for the first few weeks and engage in postpartum gymnastics. And even then, the result will not come immediately - you will have to wait. Only after a few months a woman will understand that her body has already fully recovered from childbirth. And swaddling can be one of the factors on the way to the result.

Swaddling is a common spa treatment. In this case, massage, scrubbing, herbal baths are really used. It really has a lot to do with cosmetology and body care. But these procedures are carried out not by themselves, but for the sake of an important goal - to warm up the body. In other words, in the swaddling procedure, 80 percent of the time is spent only preparing for it. SPA procedures are also used, because the woman is exhausted after childbirth and she has no time for relaxing procedures. Sometimes there is not enough time to wash your hair and get a manicure. And thanks to taking care of yourself, you can remember yourself in a couple of hours, feel your body, already concentrated on the needs of the baby, and just relax. Isn't it wise to devote some time to yourself during this difficult period?

Swaddling works the same for everyone. It has already been said above that everything depends on the person himself. Women all give birth in different ways, it is logical to assume that recovery will not proceed in the same way. It is also important to note a certain pattern. It turns out that the better a woman is able to relax, take care of herself, and love herself, the better the result will be. It is relaxation that is the main point of such a recovery procedure. Another factor influencing the result is behavior after changing. There is a big difference in active life, housework when time flies unnoticed, and lying motionless for several hours. The help of others is also important. All day after swaddling, a woman should be relieved of housework, childcare and labor. All this time should be entirely devoted to her rest. To do this, you need an understanding of loved ones, who will meekly take on all the household chores for the day.

Swaddling can close the birth. Closing the labor is the feeling that the pregnancy is over. A woman stops constantly remembering the process of childbirth. Completion is a kind of humility, the realization that everything has already passed. A lot has been written about this, but it is worth understanding that you can only close what was open. If a woman has already discussed everything with her friends, without thinking about childbirth, then this question is really no longer relevant. Then no closure of childbirth from the swaddling process will work, do not be upset about the lack of result. You will not be able to close something if there is some obstacle in the way. If the birth was traumatic or too little time has passed, then the feeling of completeness may not come either. It also depends on the course of childbirth and the female psyche. Of course, swaddling will ease the moral state, but it will not be able to withdraw all the accumulated acute emotions at once.

Postpartum swaddling takes place without complications. Experts believe that possible complications after such a procedure can be fever, headache, feeling of fatigue, and abdominal pain. Fever in women immediately after childbirth is common, even with good uterine and breast health. This phenomenon goes away by itself, here you just need to lie down. Swaddling increases the number of women in whom the body rules itself. The headache appears when a woman overheats, which should not be allowed. In this case, a neck massage, an enema before swaddling, warm saffron oil in the nose, acupressure with “Star” balm, rosemary on the neck and a compress with essential oil help.

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