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Perfumery is a set of products that are designed to flavor something. The most popular types of perfume are perfumes, eau de toilette, cologne, and various deodorants.

Humanity has long been concerned with the problems of odors. With the growth of civilization, the technologies for their production also improved, more subtle and persistent aromas appeared.

Today, a modern person has at his disposal so many opportunities to create an individual image for himself with the help of smells that he often simply falls into a stupor. In addition, many myths about perfumery spoil the picture.

Perfume quickly fizzles out. Seeing someone's closet full of bottles of perfume and colognes, an ordinary person will begin to convince that such an amount of perfumery is not required at all. After all, it will quickly turn sour, disappear or disappear. And the manufacturers themselves usually indicate the shelf life of their products - 3 years. But this does not mean that exactly after this period, all spirits, with a wave of a magic wand, will suddenly lose their properties or acquire a different, nasty, smell. Usually, practical skills are enough to debunk the myth, not chemical knowledge. When stored properly (in a dark and dry place, at room temperature and in a box), the scent liquid can remain in perfect condition for literally decades. In addition, there is a significant demand for vintage perfumes, which are hunted as collectors, and there are simply lovers of high-quality and unusual products. Of course, among the old spirits, you can also get exhausted - in whole or in part, but there are quite a lot of perfectly preserved ones among them. Imagine the delight of a collector discovering a half-century old Dior perfume with an unspoiled fragrance. When buying vintage perfumes, one should be careful - after all, it is not known how exactly the bottle was stored, whether it was opened, and if it was, then how it was used. There are many nuances here, wishing to make a really valuable purchase, it would be better to first consult with a specialist. Massive psychosis about shelf life is largely a marketing connotation. This forces a person to use perfume more actively, to update their stocks more often. It is now profitable for manufacturers to sell "disposable" goods.

Ideal, "your" scent, this one from which the smell is not felt. Those who convince the buyer of this are lying! If you do not feel the aroma, then either there are problems with the sense of smell, or there is a banal runny nose. There can be many reasons, including those with olfactory nerves. As a result, it may well be that, thanks to the habit, you really stop perceiving your usual favorite smell. However, when choosing a perfume, this quality will rather be harmful; you should not trust odorless substances. After all, perfumery is a pleasure akin to sex, food, wine. It must be enjoyed to the fullest, and for this it is simply necessary to feel the smells. From perfumes that do not have a scent, you can enjoy only under a fan.

Each perfume is designed for "its" age. You can often hear that a particular perfume is intended for an adult or, conversely, for a young person. The shops often ask to pick up something "for a young girl." You can also hear the phrase about perfume, "like my grandmother." In fact, all ages are submissive to perfumes and fragrances, like love. In matters of choosing your smell, it is better to listen to yourself than to your friends or ignorant consultants, who for the most part have a shallow idea of ​​what they are selling. Any aroma - whether it is intense or light, is guided by the character of a person, his lifestyle, the feeling of life and certainly not by age. Smell is a kind of emotion, it is the sound of life, and not one-year-old rings not a cut of life. After all, a girl at the age of 12 can already become a real lady, and nothing prevents an elderly lady from remaining sparkling, cheerful and alive. A woman may not understand anything in perfumery, choosing "youthful" smells of strawberry gum or watermelon freshness. But, nevertheless, such scents can even compensate for her seeming seriousness.

It is no longer possible to buy original high-quality cosmetics - there are only fakes around. You should not completely abandon the purchase of quality perfumes for fear of deception. There are much fewer fakes on the shelves than they say. You just need to follow simple rules - buy perfume in specialized stores and not be fooled by low prices. Remember, the miser pays twice! The Chanel boutique line simply cannot cost $ 20. A fake reveals itself almost always, and a non-specialist can detect it only by looking closely. Even the official releases of fragrances can vary in quality - from batch to batch, from year to year. A banal electronics error is possible when determining proportions. So do not rush to expose spirits that differ from each other in an indispensable fake. This myth can be debunked by simple care and attention.

Real perfumes must be persistent. It is unclear who only came up with such a myth? Why persistent perfumes are considered to be real, giving them the best qualities. Persistence is determined by concentration, skin chemistry, weather, after all. Do not forget about the very formula of the substance, the physical activity of a person. But does this have to do directly with the quality of the perfume? An unstable perfume should only be updated from time to time. For many, in general, excessive durability is more a minus than a plus. For such people, it is customary in general to change scents several times a day. In general, you should not be surprised that perfumes, which are allotted for 3 hours of life, can stick for the whole day. But those aromas that are on others for a day on you will disappear without a trace in a couple of hours. Spirits seem to have their own character, they are just as fickle and capricious as a person.

You have to come up with one flavor. You can often hear that a real woman, like Marilyn Monroe, should wear only one fragrance, associating only with it. However, this myth is a legacy of the old times, when the production of perfumery, as well as everything else, was much less. Then people lived more modestly - the coat was passed from generation to generation, as an inheritance, shoes were worn to the last, perfume was something extraordinary. It was recommended to use them only on the biggest holidays. Was it conceivable then to have a variety of scents? Today, every modern woman can make her own choice. While the myth's romantic connotation is tempting, it is boring to follow this prejudice! Although, true consistency, and not stubborn adherence to the rule, deserves only respect.

Perfume is a weapon for seduction. This myth seems to continue the previous one, asserting that a real lady should "put on" a certain perfume on herself in bed, which is a weapon for seduction, causing a man to have stable sexual reflexes. But is a man Pavlov's dog? In addition, for the strong half, the best smell is a pure female body, and everything else is just nuances, decoration and emphasis. Experienced seductresses argue that perfume does not directly affect relationships. A woman's passion for perfume can only improve the olfactory abilities of her chosen one, and not make her an experienced temptress. In this case, men begin to master a wide arsenal of scents, feeling "irises", "jasmines", "something almond" or "something powdery." If we talk about scents that average men like, then the possibilities of vanilla have long been known. Simple, but effective. The methods of seduction remain the same - a skirt, stockings ... And which man can resist?

The chemistry of the skin is able to alter the usual fragrances of perfume. Many women easily agree to purchase the same perfume as their friend, believing that the difference in skin will make a difference in the final scent. This statement is only partly true. In fact, skin chemistry does work, but not in large strokes, but in detail. The scent can indeed change slightly depending on the type of its carrier. But who needs to strain to grasp the difference? In addition, you can only catch the differences with the help of a well-trained sense of smell and only if the aroma "allows" to do it. Luxury perfumes are meant to be sold, they are always as average as possible. After all, the buyer wants to get stable quality, he does not need surprises in such a delicate issue. If a woman pays for an apple, would she be interested in hearing that she will not get what she is looking for thanks to body chemistry? So it turns out that this effect is usually of interest only to lovers of special types of perfumes or the old suite. On the skin, natural odors are the most unpredictable. In this case, you can really buy scents like a friend's and use them calmly. If there is a desire to understand those very nuances, then you need to understand that the surface of the skin can be warm, and maybe cold. The warmer the skin, the faster the fragrances develop on it. On a cold cover, citrus smells will sound best, but warm skin will give the smells a certain sweetness. And there are many such nuances. And do not forget about the individual characteristics. There are women with "grateful" skin, which makes it possible to express themselves to almost all scents. Men, on the other hand, can be more picky, only certain groups of smells with the necessary components are suitable for such people. As a result, choosing a scent can be a fun game - you can try on new perfumes, like dresses, putting them on different skins, wonder at unusual shades, and reveal their difference. Although ideal skin can fail - hormones or a change in climate or weather can be the culprit. Banal mood swings can also play a role.

In summer and winter, you have to wear different scents. It is generally accepted that lighter aromas are suitable for hot pores, and heavier ones for cold. It is generally accepted that the thickest, richest and richest aromas belong to the eastern group. It is there that the most stunning and vibrant smells are created. See what the Arabs wear and what they love. It is enough just to indicate vanilla and oud, amber and sweet wood, as well as musk in maximum concentration. But millions of such people choose these fragrances for a reason. Do not be afraid to die of suffocation, because the human body has a unique ability to regulate heat. Thus, we get rid of not only unnecessary stress, but also unnecessary odors. And with high humidity, you can generally pour out a large amount of perfume on yourself without fear of the sidelong glances of others. As a result, seasonality really does take place, but do not forget about the exceptions.

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