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New York is the largest city in America, home to about 8 million people. And the entire agglomeration has almost 24 million inhabitants. The city was founded in 1624 by the Dutch, and for the first 40 years it was called New Amsterdam. Today New York is one of the world centers of culture, politics and finance.

There are many world famous landmarks here, which are only the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, not all of us can visit this metropolis. But we have already studied it well, thanks to the many films, whose action is located there.

Hollywood has formed the very image of either a cozy or a dangerous city, which many believe. The most popular myths about New York will be discussed.

To avoid the queues at the Empire State Building, you must arrive here before 11 am. Skyscrapers are the hallmark of the city. The most famous in New York is the 102-story Empire State Building. For 23 years, this building was the tallest in the world, the building above it appeared only in 1972. Today the skyscraper is a place of pilgrimage for tourists, because it is a cult place! It was on it that King Kong once climbed. There are observation platforms on the 86th and 102nd floors, from where an excellent view of the city opens. You can stand in the line for a visit for several hours, it stretches over several blocks. But even if you come here earlier, you won't be able to save much time. Too many strive to use this trick. Better to buy tickets in advance, on the official website.

The best view from the Empire State Building is from the 102nd floor. It is logical to assume that the higher you go, the better the view will be. However, the best view opens just from the 86th floor, the coverage is all 360 degrees. But at the very top of the skyscraper, the site is narrow and glass interferes with the view.

Everyone in the city takes a taxi. There are yellow taxis everywhere in Manhattan, but this is far from the best way to get around. During rush hours, it is not so easy to stop the car with a wave of your hand, and such a trip due to traffic jams can take much longer than by metro. You can get to know the city better if you walk around it, and public transport is an efficient, affordable and easy system.

Taxis are insanely expensive in New York. But it is difficult to disagree with this. The prices are especially shocking for our tourists, whose salaries are usually much lower than American ones. The road from Liberty Airport to New Jersey will cost $ 90-110, from Harlem to Times Square $ 20, if there are no traffic jams yet. But there is always an alternative. These are both the metro and the Gray Line double-decker tourist buses. With their help, you can get to the desired stop and see the main city sights.

The food in the city is tasteless and "cardboard". This city has a huge number of cafes, restaurants and just fast food. With this level of competition, it is simply impossible to cook tasteless. Even a small diner will serve quite good pizza. And in Chinatown the world of oriental cuisine will open. There are not only Chinese restaurants, but also Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean restaurants. Some even consider New York to be the gastronomic capital of the world. It is no coincidence that there are resources on the Internet that offer to plan a trip to the most delicious places in the city. There are many famous McDonald's and Starbucks cafes in the city. Having bought a second coffee, you immediately feel at home in the city. Breakfast at McDonald's is only $ 5, which is a great budget option. And this food is quite good. In the same "Starbucks" there are yoghurts on the menu, and in other fast foods you can even find porridge.

Harlem is the most dangerous area in the city. This area of ​​New York is one of the most famous. But tourists are afraid of him, because it is believed that only poor black Americans live in Harlem, who hate whites. They say that there is a high level of crime, shootings and robberies happen even during the day. The area was once really troubled, but recently the crime rate in the city has decreased, which has affected the once deprived areas. Now the city authorities completely control Harlem and the order in it. The area has undergone a modern trend in urban development - gentrification. City officials are working hard to renovate disadvantaged areas. New hotels and restaurants appear here, buildings are being renovated. Even the country's former president, Bill Clinton, opened an office in Harlem. Nowadays, the area, which is only a couple of metro stops from Central Park, is becoming the center of black American culture. Artists, actors and musicians live here, jazz is heard, exhibitions work. And the absence of numerous tourists is more likely even a plus.

New York is just Manhattan. This myth originated in Hollywood movies, which mainly show life in this area-island. It seems that some New Yorkers never leave the City at all. In fact, the area in the city is one of the smallest in terms of area; in addition to it, there are other boroughs in New York: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

On the Upper East Side, all women wear furs and diamonds. This area of ​​the city is rightfully considered one of the richest. But the attitude towards wealth has long changed. Here they do not boast of jewelry, but the American women themselves can rather be found in comfortable clothes for doing yoga or sports.

Dating in New York is always romantic. The cinema shows how romantic can be joint horseback riding in Central Park, boating there, dinner on the roof of the house, participating in some kind of flash mob in Times Square. In fact, this is an embellished picture. Regular dates in New York are limited to dinner and cinema, so there is little time and space for romance.

New York is not crowded. From the films it seems to us that there are not many people in the city, but there is a place for everyone. In fact, crowds of people are constantly present in New York. They can be found in parks, restaurants, shops and museums. And on weekends, there is no need to talk about empty streets. So New York, like Moscow, turned out to be not rubber.

There is always a seat in the metro. The films tell that even at rush hour there is a free seat for the main character in the subway car. And in general there are well-mannered people, there are no beggars and boors. And in this case, the myth is inspired by the cinema. The metro is here, like in ordinary large cities. There is also a crowd, and not every train can be taken. And simple arithmetic debunks this myth. The 10-car train has 440 seats. With about 7,800 flights a day, about 3.4 million people will be able to sit. But what about the other two million, who also statistically use the metro during the day?

In New York, everyone lives in large apartments. This myth is created by Hollywood, which would simply be uncomfortable with filming characters in cramped rooms. In the films, we see people living in at least one bedroom apartments. In reality, living together in a studio apartment is already considered happiness. And real estate prices are high here. For the smallest apartments in New York, you can pay as for a whole house in another state.

In New York, you can quickly find work and make a career. This is exactly what happens with the main characters of the films. It seems that New York is a city of great opportunities, where work will find you. But in reality, the labor market is in a deplorable state, and very few manage to get to the top of their careers. The competition among those wishing to pull out the "lucky ticket" is unusually high.

In New York, everything is close to each other. This impression is formed from watching the inhabitants of the city in the cinema. In fact, not everyone has the capabilities of Spider-Man, their own teleporter, or powerful leg muscles. And no other way to quickly move from region to region is impossible. The area of ​​the city is half that of Moscow. And thanks to the cinema, it seems that parks in Brooklyn are located next to the streets of Harlem, the Empire State Building is very close to the cafes of the Nolita district.

Crime reigns supreme in New York. From such a densely populated city with a large number of immigrants, you can expect a high crime rate. However, its level is quite acceptable. According to statistics, New York ranks in the second hundred in terms of crime among cities with a population of over 100 thousand people. At one time, the city authorities took effective measures to make such a statement a myth today.

New York has the best restaurants. There are really many places to eat in the city. There are about 23 thousand of them here. But not all of them are design masterpieces. Usually they don't pay attention to the atmosphere of the place and its style. But the attitude to the quality of food and the level of service is very close. But even in the smallest establishment there will be no problems with this. Don't look for pathos in New York restaurants, here a small nondescript restaurant can have a Michelin star. It's just that New York has a completely different attitude to food and gatherings in cafes. Cafes in Chinatown stand out, where you can taste authentic food literally for a penny. There is even a restaurant that only charges entrance fees.

New York has a bad environment. Of course, the air in the metropolis cannot be compared with the alpine air. Nevertheless, in New York itself there are many birds and animals, such a number in any other city you simply will not see. Probably, the myth about "bad ecology" does not frighten animals. People are happy to take pictures with birds and tame animals. In the environmental rating of the largest cities in the world, New York is in 10th place, here as much as 7% of the city budget is allocated specifically for environmental protection.

The city's main theaters are concentrated on Broadway. Visitors to New York think that Broadway is all lit with lights and signs, all city theaters are gathered here. In fact, most of them are collected in Times Square. Tourists who come to the local theater are surprised by the repertoire that has not changed over the years. But the performances still remain colorful and professionally staged.

Russians are badly treated in New York. For New Yorkers, the very question of this is strange. It is a multinational city where everyone is treated equally. People will begin to react to those who behave inappropriately, be they American, Chinese or Russian.

Young singles can live in beautiful lofts. A loft is a dwelling converted from an industrial premises. The word itself literally means "attic", in America this is the name for the upper floors of warehouses, retail premises. Films of the 1970s created the stereotype that young people who found a permanent apartment for themselves lived in such premises. Remember at least "Lonely White Woman" or "Ghost". However, those days are long gone, today such spacious premises are sold at high prices, up to 10 million dollars. This is not the best option for young creative people with material problems.

Each employee has a window overlooking New York. Office workers shouldn't rely on a high-rise office with stunning views. Most often, a modern office is divided into sections, and a lot of people are working and making noise nearby. This clearly will not give the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views from the window, even if they are.

High school students do not attend classes. Following the logic of the movies, high school students have so many things to do that going to school is a low priority. But in real life, without good attendance at an educational institution, one should not even hope to get into a decent university in the future.

In New York, crowds move in an orderly fashion. In films, we see a star walking in a stream of people. Everyone moves calmly and seems to be happy to be part of the crowd. In reality, New Yorkers hate crowded sidewalks, taking out their anger at passers-by. Slowly walking people will be pushed aside, and if possible, passers-by will be turned into an alley to avoid crowds. There is no need to talk about any purposeful movement of the masses in the city.

There is a lot of rubbish in New York. In 1968, there was a strike of garbage workers in the city, as a result of which the city was mired in the waste of its life. Whole trash mounds appeared on the streets of New York. But a lot has changed since then. The city itself looks pretty clean and even virgin in places. The authorities created pedestrian streets, cleaned up rivers and parks. A large industrial agglomeration dropped out of the top ten dirtiest cities in America.

There is a noticeable landmark anywhere in the city. In the films, you can see how the Empire State Building is seen in the heroes' window, how they go for a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, dine in front of the arch of Washington Square Park, or fight villains on top of the Statue of Liberty. This is done in order to prove to people that the film is filmed in real New York, and not in a cinema hall. Only in the city you can spend the whole day and not see the iconic landmark. And New Yorkers don't look up that often.

On the rooftops, romantic dinners are constantly held or gardens are planted. It seems unimportant what the number of storeys of the house is, its roof can always be adapted for something romantic. The films tell us that there is no problem in organizing a high-altitude dinner in New York. But it should be borne in mind that the case will have to be with a shaky, half-rotten staircase, and the legal issues of using the roof for personal purposes are ambiguous.

In public courts, white guys love to play basketball in their spare time. Watching guys work on a treadmill is not that exciting. In films set in New York, white guys are often seen playing basketball in the background. It seems that they are the ones who spend all their time there. This is a bit unfair, however, given the important role that public spaces like Rucker Park have played in the NBA's greatest black players. It is no coincidence that basketball is a game of African Americans.

In New York, only rude people. The residents of the city have a reputation for being rude, it seems that they are ready to bring any conflict to a fight. In fact, people in New York are generally polite, apologetic, happy to show the way, and hold the door until you pass. You shouldn't believe the cinematic cliches that need fights and inadequate people.

There is always a place on the shore where you can park. We know from the films that there is always some place on the shore where secret agents or criminals can safely meet. And from there there will certainly be a beautiful view of New York. In fact, there is no such place. There are very few places where a parking lot will not be separated from the water by a fence, highway, building or park. Since the city began to pay attention to its embankments, there are no empty and unclean places left here, many of them have long been private and guarded.

In the event of a natural disaster, everyone will leave Manhattan. And although New York has not yet experienced the cataclysms that filmmakers promise, over the past 15 years the city has received its share of disasters. This is where the famous 9/11 events took place and Hurricane Sandy passed. And in all cases, the inhabitants of Manhattan tried to leave the island as soon as possible. However, they did not get into the cars, but got out in a simple and logical way - they left on foot.This is logical, given the inevitable traffic jams.

New York is an expensive city. Real estate here is really expensive, which determines the prices for renting an apartment. But once the hotel is outside the city center, prices plummet. And the city itself can be quite cheap. There are many free things to do, including museums, botanical gardens, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Broadway theaters have discounts, while museums have free days to visit. You will have to pay for food in an elite restaurant, but you can always choose an inexpensive menu in an ethnic cafe. And you can travel around the city quickly and inexpensively by metro, without spending money on a taxi.

The subway is very confusing. Colored intersecting lines, numbers, letters - all this can be confusing. But with a metro map, many questions will immediately disappear. It is important to understand that there are lines and there are routes. The first - 29, and the second - 25. The lines have names, and the routes have numbers and letters. Those tourists who still fail to master this scheme have the opportunity to call from any station on a free phone and ask a question about travel options.

New York is a bustling and crowded city. There are indeed many places in the city where life is constantly in full swing. For example, Times Square, where tourists constantly crowd. However, lovers of solitude can easily find a quiet place. You can sit under a tree in the park, and every borough has quiet areas. Crowded financial districts on weekdays will become unusually quiet on weekends.

Soul of New York - Times Square. When people imagine New York, Times Square is considered its soul. But this iconic area is a tiny place in the heart of Manhattan. It is one of the most popular and frequently visited places in the city. But most locals try to avoid it as much as possible with flashing lights, restaurants, and billboards. It's like Disneyland surrounded by a real city. We can say with confidence that only tourists are walking and taking pictures on the square.

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