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Elton John is an internationally renowned musician. He has proven himself as a singer, composer and pianist. It was thanks to Elton John that such a genre as light rock took place. His career as a musician spans over 50 years, and has sold over 250 million discs during this time. Numerous awards and titles became the reward for his work.

Elton John is an indispensable member of the lists of all the greatest artists. The Englishman is also active in social activities, donating a lot to charity and fighting AIDS.

And although a musician's life, creative and personal, is constantly under the supervision of the ubiquitous paparazzi, he also has his own secrets. We will tell you about the most famous misconceptions and rumors about Elton John.

Elton John is the real name. On March 25, 1947, Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born into the family of pilot Stanley White and his wife Sheila. By 1967, the young British performer with his band had a rich experience of performing in his homeland and working with serious bands. Reginald Dwight adopted the pseudonym Elton John that year. The first part belongs to Elton Dean, and the second to Long John Baldry. With these musicians from the Bluesology group, the then young pianist collaborated in those years. As you can see, the pseudonym stuck, everyone knows Elton John, but Reginald Dwight is no longer remembered.

The song "Tiny Dancer" is actually dedicated to the musician's penis. This gentle and touching hit appeared in 1971, becoming a gold and platinum single in America. But the phrase "Tiny dancer in my hands" prompted some researchers of the musician's work to think that we are talking about his penis and the love affairs of a young man. Lyrics writer Bernie Taupin revealed that the song was influenced by many of the petite, beautiful women he and Elton met in California stores in 1970. So the author wanted to convey the spirit of this place. And you should not look for any intimate subtext.

Elton John was a big fan of Take That, and Robster was kidnapped by his guards in 1997. As crazy as it sounds, it's true. But Elton John did it solely out of the kindness of his heart. So he decided to intervene in the life of Robbie Williams, a drug abuser. Elton John's guards caught Robster, pushed him into the car and sat on either side of him. It was planned that the young star will go to a rehabilitation course. However, the impudent Williams fled after two days. And only when Robster grew up and became an independent performer, he realized the whole point of his older colleague.

Elton John's first hit, "Your Song", topped the Top 10 in 1971. But it was only 19 years later that the British public allowed the musician to formally become a leader with the reissued "Sacrifice". There are actually strict rules for UK chart members. In 1976 the song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" really topped the charts. But you can't just attribute it to Elton John. The fact is that the song featured the vocals of the now-forgotten singer Kiki Di, in fact it was a duet.

Elton John is gay and he has never been married. The singer openly announced his bisexuality back in 1976. Few remember, but in 1984 Elton John did get married. The wedding took place on Valentine's Day. His chosen one was the sound engineer Renata Blauel, a German. However, the marriage lasted only 4 years. During this time, the musician finally realized that he was only interested in men.

During one of his concerts in the 70s, the musician collapsed right on the stage. Elton John was taken to the hospital. The doctors noticed his stomach and pumped half a liter of semen out of his stomach. Similar myths were attributed to other stars of those years - Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger. David Bowie. This improves their sexual image, but has nothing to do with reality and physiology. In the 1970s, it was rumored that every American school had a football cheerleading team. And after the matches, the girls had to wash their stomachs to get rid of the idols' sperm. Over time, rock stars were also put on the role of dissolute cheerleaders.

Elton John is madly in love with flowers. It is said that between January 1996 and September 1997 Elton John spent $ 300,000 on flowers. More precisely, we are talking about 293 thousand pounds. This interesting fact came to light in 2000, when Elton John was suing the management company and his accounts were in the spotlight. Among other excesses, the insane spending on flowers attracted attention. When Elton John was asked about the reasons for such expenses, he answered simply: "I love flowers." Even today, his rider has indispensable conditions for decorating the dressing room with fresh flowers.

At one time, Elton John ate only mussels. They say that in the life of a musician there was a period when he ate about 20 pots of mussels a day. And this is not fiction! Elton John was generally an addicted person. In the late 1970s and early 80s, he put his musical career on hold. Elton John began to drink a lot, lead an indiscriminate sex life, and a strange love for shellfish appeared among his new hobbies.

When choosing a pseudonym, Elton John took his middle name Hercules, in honor of the Greek hero. The second part of the pseudonym appeared with the singer in 1972. However, he did not dedicate it to a Greek hero at all. It was just the name of a horse in the popular British comedy series of the 1960s and 70s, Steptoe and Son. This show was then Elton John's favorite.

Once Elton John ordered to change the weather for him. And this statement is true. It happened during another famous cocaine binge. Elton John recalls that he was disgusting and stupid then. While in New York, the musician called his London office and shouted at the poor secretary: "It's too cold outside, do something about it, your mother!"

Elton John was not a friend of John Lennon. The relationship between celebrity musicians does not always involve intrigue and scandal. It is generally difficult for creative people to find like-minded people; many do not understand them. But music can become a bridge between two completely different people. This is exactly what happened with the young musician Elton John and his idol John Lennon. At the beginning of his career, Elton never dreamed of meeting the celestial leader of the Beatles. When the musicians met, it turned out that Lennon is simple in communication. Elton and John soon became good friends. And who did Yoko Ono and her husband decide to choose as the godfather for their son? Of course, Elton John! Now he rarely communicates with his godson, but he is aware of all the events of his ward. And after Lennon's death, his friend, being an atheist, nevertheless attended the memorial service in order to express respect and respect with such a gesture. Elton John has repeatedly said that he considers Lennon a wonderful person and a musical genius.

Elton John is a deeply religious person. The songs of the performer are so touching and sincere; today he himself is so shy of scandals that he seems to be a deeply religious person. In fact, the position of the musician regarding the church is quite firm. He considers himself an atheist, and in some of his interviews he calls for the prohibition of religion altogether. Elton John says that faith turns people into submissive people, full of hatred, without the bestowing of compassion. And the worst thing, in his opinion, is that religion is trying to persecute people of a different sexual orientation, arousing human anger in this matter. Elton John wonders why religions cannot unite, but are increasingly alienated from each other, exacerbating the gaps between peoples and conflicts between them.

Elton John has AIDS. This myth has two roots at once. One is the musician's public struggle with this disease in the form of charity, the second is the sexual orientation of Elton John. It's no secret that many people associate gays with HIV-positive people. Elton John himself admits that in the 1980s he miraculously did not become infected with the deadly virus. His friends were dying next to him, the musician led a promiscuous sex life, not thinking about protection. But over time, the singer realized that he had to change, otherwise he would also die. This opened a new page in the life of Elton John.

Elton John suffered from bulimia. Not only women are worried about their figure. In the 1990s, the famous musician struggled with many of his addictions. He was overcome not only by depression, alcohol and drugs, but also bulimia. It is said that immediately after a meal, Elton John got up on the scales. If he didn't like the result, then he immediately went to the toilet. As a result, the singer realized that this was not normal. He went to a private clinic, where he underwent long-term treatment for bulimia.

There were over 700 guests at Elton John's wedding ceremony. In fact, Elton John and David Furnish's wedding ceremony was very modest. It took place in Windsor on December 21, 2005. And the press was not allowed there, only the closest relatives and friends were invited. And in the evening a banquet in honor of the wedding took place. More than 700 guests have already been invited there, among them celebrities - Ozzy Osbourne, Elizabeth Hurley, Brian May.

Elton John has a docile nature. In fact, the musician has an explosive character. He is not shy about expressing his thoughts openly. That is why, in different years of his life, he quarreled with colleagues - Madonna, George Michael, David Bowie and even Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. But from each quarrel, Elton John managed to come out with dignity. So, the long-term feud with Madonna, during which she was called a "fair stripper", ended with a step towards it from the man's side. Having met the singer in a Parisian cafe, Elton John sent her a note where he apologized for the public insults. In one of his hits, the musician sings that the hardest thing in life is to ask for forgiveness. But he himself knows how to do it.

Elton John is not friends with young performers. Surprisingly, the singer is not afraid of confrontation with his colleagues, but at the same time he is not a snob. He follows the musical careers of young performers and often performs with them. And Elton John is not afraid that this may not correspond to his image, and he himself is a father and even grandfather to some colleagues. The singer appeared on the same stage with Lady Gaga, Eminem, George Michael, recorded joint tracks with Tupac Shakur, rockers Fall Out Boy, the Blue group. And every time it looked extremely harmonious.

Elton John rarely gives concerts. This myth has its own logical explanation - the star is already 67 years old. Nevertheless, the musician still goes on long, months-long tours, giving 5-6 concerts weekly. But he could have “retired” long ago, giving occasionally charity concerts for the elite once a month or two. However, Elton John prefers to continue living in a crazy rhythm, as if he were still a young hungry musician. This can only be explained by the love for their profession and their fans. The singer himself says that work is the meaning of his whole life, and he is going to perform until his very last days. Tragedy happens when a person does not understand how to live off stage.

Elton John did not act in films. This multifaceted personality undoubtedly collaborates with the world of cinema, but not only as a composer. Elton starred in 22 films, mainly recordings of concerts and TV shows, he produced 6 more films. Elton John's love for television series is known, where he simply plays himself. Since the 1960s, there have been no more or less such projects in his career - almost 190 projects!

The first sex in Elton John's life happened at the age of 23. It's true, the singer made such a confession. At the same time, a man became the first sexual partner of Elton John. After that, the musician rushed to catch up. Today he regrets that he did not start an intimate life at the age of 14-16, because this is the most exciting age for the first experience.

Elton John hates technology. It turns out that in our world oversaturated with gadgets, you can be a technophobe. That is what this star is. Elton John doesn't tweet, doesn't have a Facebook account, and doesn't even have a mobile phone. The singer believes that constant availability deprives the person of mystery. And he composes music not at the computer, but at the classical piano. Elton John even calls for turning off the Internet for several years - people do not have enough communication, it even affects the music, preventing the musicians from seeing each other live.

Elton John never tried to commit suicide. It seems that there was everything in the life of this bright man. There was also an attempt at suicide. Elton John himself laughs today, talking about it. At that time, he was dating a tall girl, whom he pulled out of a creepy cabaret. However, the life together turned out to be terrible, the friend even beat John. The singer fell into depression and tried to commit suicide. However, the suicide attempt was in the style of Woody Allen - the musician turned on the gas stove, but forgot to close the windows.

Elton John has no children of his own. Despite the rich adventures in his youth, the musician never got a child, like a full-fledged family. In 2005, he married David Furnish and the couple decided to have children. An attempt to adopt a child from a Ukrainian boarding school in 2009 failed. Then the couple went the other way - on December 25, 2010, the child Zachari Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born from a surrogate mother from California. And on January 11, 2013, the same woman gave the happy fathers and their second son - Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. The couple closely communicated with the woman, going with her for an ultrasound scan and all medical appointments. As a reward, she received not only an impressive amount, but also anonymity and the attention of a stellar English couple. So a couple of men, who always dreamed of children, managed to have them in same-sex marriage. An unusual story even for today's crazy world.

Elton John is an avid collector. Elton John's greatest passion is glasses. He carries his entire collection with him, and there is even a staff member to ensure the security of this collection. The musician himself has been wearing glasses since he was 13 years old, trying to be like one of the stars of that time. But this is what spoiled his eyesight. In his work, Elton John did not hesitate to experiment with images, of which glasses were an integral part. They were very different: small and large, colored, different shapes. Elton John himself once said that he had purchased about 20 thousand pairs of glasses, among them were even wipers, like a car windshield. Today, for his collection, he rents separate numbers, prescribing a temperature of 16 degrees for them in the rider and decorating them with fresh flowers. Another hobby of the star is collecting photographs. Few people know, but Elton John is the owner of many rare pictures. In his collection of more than 2500 standard photographs, there are photographs from Polaroid, three-dimensional photographs. They even organize exhibitions on their basis. Experts note the enthusiasm of the star, looking for the best examples in the galleries of the world. It is even planned to publish a book about his collection.

Elton John is a drug addict. It's no secret that the life of a musician in the 1980s was like chaos. At that time, he actively used drugs. But Elton John was able not only to give up his addiction, but also to tell the whole world about it. In 1990, there were rumors that the musician had died of an overdose. Apparently, this was the last straw - then he gave up drugs forever. Today Elton John says it saved his life, he could well end up like Whitney Houston.Now he jokes that the snow caps of the Alpine mountains remind him of the amount of cocaine used in due time.

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