Male Turkish names

Male Turkish names

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Adem - red, earthy
Akhmet - worthy of praise
Altan - dawn
Ata - ancestor
Altyug - red horse tail
Alp - brave, brave, valiant
Alpaslan - a brave, brave lion
Macaws - bee
Arykan - bee blood
Arslan - lion
Atylla - the one on horseback
Atmaja - the hawk
Aychoban - the one who grazes the month
Aydin - enlightened
Aykut - holy month
Ayturk - Turkish month

Balaban is a young, brave man
Balkan - mountainous
Balta - ax
Profit - peaceful
Bashkurt - the main wolf, the leader of the pack
Batu - West
Batur - warrior
Batukan - ruler of the West
Baybars - the great panther
Bynboga - a thousand bulls
Burke - solid, strong
Berkant - faithful to the oath
Berker is a hard, stubborn man
God is a bull
Bora - sea storm
Bozhkurt - steppe wolf, Gray wolf
Bulut - cloud
Burkhan - king of hurricanes

Volkan - volcano

Gohan - Heavenly Khan (ruler)
Guchlu - strong
Gyurkhan - Strong Khan
Gul - rose
Gulbarge - spring rose

Joshkun - joyful, irrepressible, stormy
Joshkuner - joyful, unstoppable warrior
Denise - sea
Derya - ocean
Dirench - resistance
Cengiz - oceanic (huge as an ocean)
Dogan - falcon
Dogu - east
Dogukan - ruler of the East
Dokugtug - nine horse tails
Duigu - feelings, emotions

Spruce - strong wind
Yongi - victory

Zeki is smart

Ibrahim - father of many children
Ilhami - inspiration
Ilker - the first man
Ilkin - the first
Iskander - protector of people
Iskender - protector of people

Yygyt - dzhigit, a strong young hero
Yildirim - lightning
Yilmaz - never giving up
Yutse is tall, high-ranking.

Kagan - King of Kings, Emperor
Kaplan - tiger
Kara - black, dark
Karabulut - dark cloud
Karadyuman - dark smoke
Karabars - black panther
Karakyurt - black wolf
Cossack - strong and free
Kazan is the winner
Kahn - life
Kartal - eagle
Kylych - sword
Kylycharslan - a lion with a sword
Kyzylai - the red month
Coskun - enthusiasm
Kots - ram
Koray - Smoldering Moon
Korkut - scary
Kudret - power, strength
Kubat - rough and strong
Kurt - wolf
Kyrgyz - forty tribes

Levent - lion

Mehmed is worthy of praise
Mehmet - worthy of praise
Metin is strong
Murat - desire

Nazar - "evil eyes of stone" amulet

Oguz - we are arrows
Ok - arrow
Ozan - bard, singer
Oz - bard, singer
Ozbek is a free ruler
Ozdemir - inner essence - metal
Ozgur - free
Omer - alive, life
Onder is the leader
Onur - honor
Osman - chick

Pars - panther

Savas - war
Selim - safe
Serhat - border
Serkan - bloody head
Söner is the last man
Suleiman - Peaceful

Tanryover - praising God
Tanriverdi - God gave
Tarkan - King Lesser (legendary hero with a wolf friend)
Tai is a foal
Thacker is a lonely warrior
Tezer is a fast warrior
Temel - basic, fundamental
Tymyur - metal
Tolga - battle helmet
Tozkoparan - Kicking up dust
Turgai - a lark
Chug - horse tail
Thune - night
Tunch - bronze
Tunchai - the bronze month
Tyran - the land of the Turks
Turkay - Turkish month
Turk - Turkish warrior
Turkgyutsu - Turkish power

Uluch - peak
Ufuk - horizon
Umut - hope

Khakan - head of state, emperor

Celik - steel

Yshik - light
Ysylai - a luminous month

Chagatai is the name of the second son of Genghis Khan

Shenol - be joyful
Shimshekui - lightning bow

Erdogan - warrior falcon
Ertugrul - warrior-hawk
Ediz - tall
Emin - honest
Emre - bard, poet
Engin - huge
Erdem is a virtue
Eren is a saint
Erol is brave
Eser - achievement

Yumyut - hope
Uygyur - civilized
Yuzman - master, specialist
Yurkmez is always fearless
Yutskan - border ruler
Yufyuk - horizon
Yugur - luck, fortune
Julia - great, mighty

Yahzy - happy, joyful
Yakut - precious stone (ruby)
Yaltsyn - slippery slope
Yaman - wild, fearless, brave
Javuz - cruel, merciless

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