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Meaning of the name

Tamara translated from Hebrew means "fig tree".


Already in childhood, Tamara demonstrates a strong, independent character. In pursuit of what she wants, she does not hesitate to throw a tantrum for her parents right in the middle of the street or in a toy store. He will silently listen to all exhortations, but will act in accordance with his understanding of this or that situation.

Tamara is fearless and mobile, she studies well at school, as she is not lazy and very ambitious. He enjoys authority among classmates.

Adult Tamara is a domineering, courageous, somewhat rude nature. She is very energetic, straightforward, assertive, practical, and forward-looking. Possesses common sense, lightning-fast reaction, strong will and determination.

Most often he chooses a profession in the field of business, medicine, pedagogy, can reach heights in administrative and managerial work, in politics, journalism, in the theater field. Easily masters both female and male professions. He tries to ensure the well-being of his family and his loved ones.

In her youth, she often envies her friends, who arrange their personal life more successfully than she does. She is independent, used to rely only on her own strength.

Having married, most likely, he will take a leading position, and if the husband opposes this state of affairs, then this can lead to scandals or to divorce. A betrayal of a spouse can lead to the same result - Tamara is very jealous.

A woman with this name is a prudent and economical housewife, she cooks perfectly, can create cleanliness and comfort in the house. He takes raising children very seriously, teaching them to work from an early age. In her house, everyone has their own duties, the implementation of which Tamara monitors the most attentively.

Tamara is very sociable and hospitable, and she herself will never refuse to visit friends or relatives.


Tamara has an outstanding appearance and stormy temperament. Sexual attraction is shown very passionately, overwhelming a partner. Prefers young men.

In bed, she is able to give her partner an unforgettable erotic sensation, there is no "taboo" in sex for her, and she is indifferent to public opinion and prejudices.

Tamara has a well-developed intuition, perfectly feels the partner, during intercourse she likes to change positions, guides the man, helps him. He tries not to show jealousy, to respect the independence of his partner, but he is unlikely to forgive treason.

She will never ridicule a man who, for whatever reason, could not prove himself in bed successfully enough. Tamara will sympathize with him, try to support, help. He knows how to ignite passion even in men with a very calm temperament, however, for love games he prefers passionate and loving partners.

Tamara's sexuality largely depends on the time of her birth. For example, "December" Tamara does not separate sex from love, her partner must be physically strong, otherwise she will not receive complete satisfaction from the intimacy.

Tamara, born in February, is very proud, straightforward, often commits rash acts and suffers from their consequences, but the suffering does not last long - she is an incorrigible optimist.

"July" Tamara is hypersexual, and if a partner suits her temperament, she can have sex with him until morning. She does not hide her desires and frankly says how she would like to have sex, loves oral sex. Prefers experienced partners, wanting to enjoy sex, rather than teaching it to someone. The "June" partner will satisfy her best.

Tamara loves long-term love prelude, the partner should be affectionate and gentle. She does not tolerate harshness or rudeness during sex. She experiences the deepest orgasm during cannilingus.

If Tamara was born in August, she is not so sexy, but she also devotes a lot of time to love games that give her real pleasure. The most successful is her union with a man born in December.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Tamara gives the impression of something good, courageous, powerful, big.

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