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Meaning of the name

Stella translated from Latin means "star", translated from Italian means "slender".


Little Stella is stubborn and principled, sociable and curious, loves to read, very talented and hardworking. She studies well at school, has many friends and girlfriends, whom she often changes, quickly becoming disappointed in them. She is quick-tempered, but easy-going, kind and selfless, loves moving and traveling.

The adult Stella is extremely hospitable - the greatest joy she gets is communication with friends, like-minded people. She is keenly interested in the political situation in the country, is talented and extremely hardworking, can work several jobs at the same time.

Stella loves long-distance business trips, makes friends quickly anywhere, and leaves easily with them when leaving. Stella is punctual and obligatory, truthful, true to the given word, but she is somewhat wary of people.

Stella prefers male company. She is a materialist who does not believe in mysticism, an independent woman, who is rapidly moving up the career ladder, capable of achieving success in any field.

The weak point of this woman is the respiratory organs, the nervous system. She loves sweets, therefore she is inclined to be overweight.


Stella knows how to "present herself", dresses tastefully, in clothes she prefers warm pastel colors. This woman adores cheerful and noisy companies, is flirtatious, she is flattered by male attention.

In dealing with men, she sometimes lacks flexibility, especially the "winter" Stella, who always know what they want from a partner, and who take an active position in bed, are especially independent.

He chooses a partner for a long time and meticulously, if he does not satisfy her sexual needs - most likely he will part with him or will meet with several partners at the same time, not seeing anything reprehensible in this.

Stella, born in summer, on the contrary, is slow, timid and submissive, takes a passive position in sex, is not particularly demanding, prefers men with a calm temperament. However, for a man who wants his partner to fulfill all his desires, she can become the perfect friend.

Stella gets married late, shows herself as a wonderful hospitable hostess, a devoted wife. However, despite all her merits, in her first marriage, she most often has no luck. Most often, Stella has daughters, whom she becomes a caring, loving mother, enjoys the full trust and boundless respect of children.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Stella gives the impression of something good, beautiful, smooth, kind, majestic, active, bright, joyful.

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