Female Scandinavian names

Female Scandinavian names

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Adamina - earth, red
Adeline - noble
Agneta - chaste, saint
Alina - noble
Anitra - blessed, useful
Anneliz - gracious, helpful, confirmed by God
Annie - gracious, helpful
Ase - divine
Asta - divine beauty
Astrid - divine beauty
Aud - spiritually rich

Barbro - foreign, foreign
Birgit - Sublime
Birgitta - Sublime
Birte - Sublime
Bodil - battle-revenge
Borghilda - Useful War Maiden
Brita - Sublime
Brunhilde - a woman warrior in armor

Valborg - rescuing those killed in battle
Wendla the wanderer
Vigdis - goddess of war
Victoria - victory
Wilhelma - Protected by a Helmet
Wilma - Protected by a Helmet
Vivi - live
Vivien - live

Gerd - strong
Gerda - strong
Gudrun - divine runes
Gunhild - military battle
Gunhilda - military battle
Gunnel - military battle
Gunvor the Vigilant Warrior

Dagnay is a new day
Dagny is a new day
Dorothea - a gift from God
Dorte is a gift from God
Dorta is a gift from God

Ida is hardworking
Ylva the she-wolf
Inga is the only one
Ingeborga - Protected by Ing
Ingegerd - Fenced by Ing
Ingrid - beautiful

Jorun - loving horses
Jorunn - loving horses

Katrin - pure
Carolina is courageous
Katarina is pure
Katrin - pure
Kaya - Mistress
Clara - clean, bright
Christine is a follower of Christ
Christina is a follower of Christ

Laetitia is happy
Lisbeth - Confirmed by God
Liv - life
Liwa - life

Magdalena - Magdalene
Maya is a nursing mother
Margareta is a pearl
Margrit is a pearl
Marthe - mistress, mistress
Matilda - strong in battle
Matilda - strong in battle
Mectilde - strong in battle

Ragna - wise
Ragnhilda - the battle of the defenders
Squeegee - sheep
Rune - secret knowledge

Sanna - lily
Sarah is a princess, a noble lady
Sigrid is a wonderful victory
Sigrun - the secret of victory
Simone - attentive
Siri is a beautiful victory
Sonya is wise
Stina is a follower of Christ
Suzanne - lily
Svanhilda - the battle of the swans

Tekla - God's Glory
Torah is a warrior
Tyra - Thor's warrior
Torborg - Protected by Thor
Tord - Thor woman
Thordis - the woman of Thor
Thorhild - Battle of Thor
Tove - thunder
Trine - pure
Turid - the beauty of Thor
Tyra - Thor's warrior

Ulla - prosperity and power
Ulrika - prosperity and power

Frida is peaceful

Hedwig - the battle of the rivals
Helen - torch
Henrika - Housekeeper
Hilda - battle
Hilde - battle
Hulda - hidden, keeping a secret

Eidin - Slim
Elin - torch
Elizabeth - Confirmed by God
Erica is the all-ruler
Esther is a star
Evelina - little Eve
Evelyn - little Eve

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